Photos from the joint meeting of sea cucumber fishermen and CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife fisheries managers on April 28th, 2017 at Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, CA, discussing Warty Sea Cucumber management ideas.

Be sure to check out this fantastic video that highlights the teamwork and commitment by Warty Sea Cucumber divers, the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, the Resource Legacy Fund, the Marine Applied Research & Exploration Group, and the National Park Service to ensure a sustainable California Sea Cucumber dive fishery!

CSCDA teams with CA DFW to develop prototype gauges for measuring sea cucumber size-at-sexual maturity based on length or width.

CSCDA, working closely with CA DFW biologist Carlos Mireles, designed a gauge to measure sea cucumber sizes at 50%, 75%, and 90% ‘sexual maturity’ for the purpose of understanding how the length and width of Warty Sea Cucumber corresponds with ‘cut’ or ‘eviscerated’ weight. Members of the CSCDA then tested the gauges during the 2020 sea cucumber season to collect data and get an idea of how the gauges work while out at sea diving for cucumbers commercially. As part of this project, CSCDA divers are seeking to determine if a size limit is a feasible management measure for the warty sea cucumber fishery or not. As far as we know, no commercial sea cucumber fishery has attempted a study of this kind before!